Russian River Zendo 2017/18 Event Calendar


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Russian River Zendo



Saturday Morning Sitting & Tea
14050 Gabes Rock Road
Guerneville, CA 95446

9:00 AM - Informal Zazen & Service
10 AM - Zazen
10:35 AM - Dharma Talk & Tea

Please wear simple loose comfortable clothing suitable for sitting on the floor (chairs are available if needed).

Turn off Rt 116 -- Main Street in Guerneville -- onto Gabes Rock Rd.  This is a small road coming into Main St on one side only, and is not easily seen.  On the corner is a Mexican restaurant whose neon sign can be seen from a distance and a cafe called Spliffs.  Look for these landmarks because the street sign is not very visible.  Once on Gabes Rock Rd, climb; we are nestled into the first large curve on your left: a red house with green trim. 
Parking around the zendo is reserved for handicapped visitors and others who have trouble walking. Otherwise, please park in the Park'n'Ride lot in downtown Guerneville.


7:00pm to 8:45pm
432B Center St. (2nd Floor), Healdsburg

6:45-7:00pm Instruction for BEGINNERS
7:00-7:35pm ZaZen Sitting
7:35-7:40pm Walking Meditation
7:40-820pm Tea and Dharma Talk
8:30-8:45pm Discussion

Bring cushions & mats -- Chairs provided
Wear loose, warm clothing



Small Group Practice Day with Tony Patchel, on an as requested basis.
[Includes sitting, studying and group discussion, walking, cooking and eating a meal together]


* Weddings, Memorial Services, Forgiveness Ceremonies and other personal commemorations and celebrations are gladly planned and performed.

* It is also possible to arrange an individual sesshin of one, two or three days length with Tony Patchell. Personal sesshins include zazen, study, personal interviews, cooking meals and walking together.

* Lay and Priest Ordination Ceremonies. Study in the precepts is available upon request. Jukai, receiving the precepts as a lay practitioner, involves a one-year study in the Sixteen Bodhisattva Precepts, and may or may not include sewing Buddha’s robe, a chest-length rakusu. Tokudo, receiving the precepts as a Zen Buddhist Priest, requires several years of individual study and practice with Zen ritual and formal services, as well as sewing a full-length Buddha’s robe.